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Wood Decks

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Wood Decks

Nothing beats the classic look and feel of a wood deck! Blue Chip specializes in building beautiful decks using the best natural materials. A wood deck from BLUE CHIP DECKS is available in CEDAR, BROWN TREATED or GREEN TREATED.

Brown or green treated decks

If you are looking for a deck with great durability, rot resistance and the BEST PRICE POINT, you should consider brown treated or green treated decking. In Canada, treated decking is sourced from Number-2 (grade 2) spruce lumber that is pressure treated with a weather-resistant treatment for a longer lasting, weather resistant decking surface. There is no price difference between green and brown treated lumber. Furthermore, the quality of the treatment is equally similar. The choice comes down to what colour you want for your BLUE CHIP DECK.

BLUE CHIP DECKS sources only the highest quality Bare Foot Decking for our treated decks. Bare Foot Decking has a smoother finish, a clearer more wood-like appearance, and does not have “The painted look” found in most other treated lumbers.

BLUE CHIP TECH TIP Treated decking usually arrives with high water content. If you are planning on staining your treated BLUE CHIP DECK, allow it to season for about a year to allow the lumber to dry.

Click the link below for information on How to Stain Your Blue Chip Deck Deck.



Cedar is the ideal natural decking material that comes at a MODERATE PRICE POINT. Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture, rot and looks fantastic stained or unstained. In Canada, cedar decking is generally sourced from Number-2 (grade 2) WESTERN RED CEDAR. Cedar decking is kiln-dried and milled smooth before it leaves the lumber mill. This means a cedar deck tends not to splinter, twist or warp after installation. Instead, you’ll have a smooth, durable, flat-lying deck surface with the warm texture of real wood.

Blue Chip Tech Tip: When performing fine finishing work on an outdoor project such as decorative pergolas or privacy screen. We suggest you use kiln-dried cedar to prevent warping and twisting of the fine material.

Click the link below for information on How to Stain Your Blue Chip Deck.


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